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The Spring 2013 Sale in Marietta will be our 8th sale in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  We have doubled the amount of consignors each sale so far & we hope to double again for this sale.   I love doing these sales and it is always a pleasure to hear how My Mommy Mart is benefitting your family. 

 Our Sale in Spring 2011

 Our First Sale in Fall 2009







Bringing My Mommy Mart to the MOV was all the brainchild of my husband.  It really is a family affair for us - sometimes, my mom comes up from Alabama to watch my kids, my kids get to put labels on stuff (& lose my safety pins), my mother-in-law makes sure that everyone is fed, and my father-in-law takes care of the odds and ends around the sale.  I'm always trying to figure out ways to make the next sale better than the last and make sure we treat our consignors and our customers right so you will keep coming back for more! 

If you ever want more information, please send me an email at  

I hope to see you at our next sale!

Molly Floding